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5 Week Sprint Program

Ready to take your career and life to the next level? Climb on board you are in the right place. 

The Exec Circle Mastermind Group

Build new valuable connections, reduce isolation, overcome challenges with support and ultimately get results. 

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Access experts, develop your knowledge and move forward faster than your competition. 

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Shireen DuPreez. An executive recruiter, career coach, community builder and an optimist by nature.

  • I started in recruitment and career coaching in 2005, since then I've read more than 20,000 resumes, interviewed thousands of candidates and filled 200+ positions.
  • With 14 years of experience advising hiring managers and candidates, I know what works and what doesn't. 
  • I'm a published author and have been quoted in the media as an expert on executive search, recruitment, career management and the hidden job market. 
  • I've worked internationally in the US, UK and Australia across most industry sectors and levels.
  • I have more than 15,000 connections on LinkedIn and am a power user of the platform. 
  • You can find out more about me here.

My passion is helping people create a career and life they love.

Job hunting and optimal career management is a huge challenge for any executive, you’re not alone.

The job market has changed and I regularly hear from executives about how frustrating it is to obtain their next role.

It doesn’t have to be painful.

Through my career coaching practice I’ve developed techniques which help save time and reduce stress.

You may have done everything right in your career to this point – qualifications, experience, skills, networks and you’ve worked hard. But now your career has stalled and you can't find the right next move.

How can this mastermind help?

To quote performance coach Tony Robbins, who inspired me to create this group:

"Where focus goes energy flows"

Masterminds harness the collective genius of the group which adds value to each individual. 

Mastermind groups help to:

  • Shorten the learning curve
  • Enable valuable feedback
  • Aid course correction
  • Reduce isolation and provide emotional support

This is a purpose built vehicle to help you catalyse results in the areas you choose. 

Grow your network

Collaborate with peers to help each other achieve career and life goals.

Statistically you have less than a one percent chance of getting your next job through an advertisement.

Applying for job ads on the internet is not an effective plan!

The 'Hidden Job Market' for Executives

Don't rely on job boards or your usual contacts to make a career move. Deliberately and strategically access the hidden job market where the majority of positions are found. 

5 Week Sprint - The Exec Circle Mastermind Group

The upcoming 5 week online program will commence on 2nd October.









Early Bird Pricing Options

Founding member pricing options are still being set. Pricing for founding members won't change.



Entry to The Exec Circle Mastermind Group

'How to Get Hired' Self-Paced Online Program

5 Week Sprints + Group Q&A's

Downloadable Templates & Resources

Guest Experts 




Entry to The Exec Circle Mastermind Group

'How to Get Hired' Self-Paced Online Program

5 Week Sprints + Group Q&A's

Downloadable Templates & Resources

Guest Experts

Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Review

1 x 45 Minute Session of 1:1 Coaching Each Month (phone or video)





Entry to The Exec Circle Mastermind Group

'How to Get Hired' Self-Paced Online Program

5 Week Sprints + Group Q&A's

Downloadable Templates & Resources

Guest Experts



Frequently Asked Questions

I understand committing to a new group can feel like a risk. What if it doesn't help? What if this isn't the community for you? If you want to chat first simply message me via LinkedIn or text me on +61(0)414767821.

The online content and mastermind community is specifically set up for educated and experienced professionals, executives and directors.

A 5 Week Sprint is a dedicated block of 5 weeks in the calendar where members pick their goal(s) and work on them.

Sprints have been proven to be an effective way of taking massive action toward reaching an end result.

Group Q&A sessions during the sprint are scheduled for once per week for 30-45 mins on a live video or audio call. Questions can be submitted anonymously if you prefer.

The online content will enable you to work in your own time, the group calls will help you get your specific questions answered. 

Future 5 Week Sprint dates are:

  • 2 October 2019
  • 5 February 2020

Sprints are optional! You can be a member of the mastermind group even if you don't wish to participate in sprints. All I would ask is that you provide encouragement to group members who are doing a sprints!

The cost of inaction may be greater than you realise. 

What will your life look like in 3 months or 6 months if you do nothing?

The things we fear doing or saying are often what we most need to do. The challenges you face won't be solved by hoping and wishing, action is the antidote. 

Masterminds are becoming the new norm. 

Masterminds help you to expedite your skills, overcome your obstacles, fuel your opportunities, network and meet great people that are like-minded, who've already gone through some of the things you have. You're in a community.

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Join us now! 

Initially the group will meet online.

In the future I am looking forward to hosting in person events.

The online self paced course is designed to help you with job search, career management and to help you reach your life goals. 

The community provides peer to peer mentoring where members are encouraged to give and ask for support. 

If you are seeking additional assistance you may wish to upgrade or purchase supplementary 1:1 sessions for coaching on specific matters. 

Details of my coaching packages are listed here: 

Membership is an affordable monthly subscription with no long-term commitment. You can cancel at any time. 

Monthly fees are not refunded after cancellation. Cancellation ensures you won't be billed again.

“I would highly recommend Shireen to anyone looking to take their interview performance to the next level. As well as providing a strong sounding board to focus and refine my preparation, I found her strategies for acting with greater impact and engaging the audience to be a source of advantage. While it may have taken a leap of faith to seek out coaching in the first place, I am really glad that I did and would encourage others to step up as well. You won’t regret it.”


“It is so very difficult when searching for a senior role for yourself to get competent unbiased feedback on your resume, interview technique and approach. Unfortunately, and with good reason, most recruiters cannot provide honest and direct feedback on why you weren’t chosen for a role. This makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement and take action. After struggling with a number of failed attempts to secure my desired role, I decided to seek professional help and Shireen was recommended by a colleague.

Shireen was instrumental in building my confidence in my resume, reconfiguring my LinkedIn profile and helping me identify several issues in the language I was using to communicate in interviews. She provided me with tools to assist developing my brand and coached me through a mock interview. The experience was sometimes confronting, but Shireen courageously and competently guided me to an understanding of what I was poorly projecting and how best to develop a better way to truly show my authentic self with the utmost of integrity. I can’t thank her enough for this insight and ultimately, success, in securing the role I wanted.”


“Although coming from a background in recruitment Shireen is not only a very effective career coach, but also a very effective life coach. Shireen’s career resources library, her analytical thinking, and her empathy are all valued, and I believe will help prospective clients in their professional and personal lives.”


“Shireen is a knowledgeable, professional and inspirational business coach I had the pleasure of working with over four sessions. Having been out of the workforce for quite some time on a career break, Shireen’s advice and guidance on areas such as the hidden job market and the importance of building networks was invaluable. In particular, Shireen’s ability to listen and really understand the matter at hand helped me to regain my confidence and really analyse the direction I wanted to take my future career. I looked forward to each session and left feeling energised and focussed. This whole process has given me the tools and confidence to focus on a different career path, something I don’t believe I would have had the ability to do had I not engaged her services. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring business coaching.”



Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the advice you gave me in our first session.

After I tweaked my LinkedIn profile and posted a recent graduation photo I’ve had 173 people view the post and 43 profile views. I’m somewhat stunned. Sound advice – thank you.”


To read more client feedback visit this page:


"Shireen does an amazing job at guiding you through the steps necessary to land your next dream job. Something I did within only a few days of signing up. After reading her Salary negotiation chapter I was able to go in strong and put a higher number on the table than I ordinarily would have been comfortable with. I didn’t get everything I asked for, but my new manager told me exactly what I needed to do to reach my number. Thanks Shireen!"


"I would definitely recommend this course because for time-poor professionals it can be done flexibly within your own home. The course prompts you to answer some key questions about yourself and then helps you to achieve the next steps that you identify in a structured manner. The course prompted me to stop and think about the key themes that underpin career management but can sometimes get overlooked in our day to day lives. These themes include articulating our priorities in life, our priorities in a job, and our value proposition. The course helps with re-focussing so that you can stop and identify what is really important to you. The course then provides a methodology and the tactics to progress the job pursuit."


"The course gives a holistic view on finding the next role. The new ideas on how to market yourself, hidden jobs and posting resume on a stand-alone web page were features I liked best. I was aware of most of these elements covered in the course material. Yes, this will assist me as I am looking for a new role at the moment. "


"I thought the job search spreadsheet was very helpful in managing the various aspects of the process in one file summarising critical information and handy for future reference. The remuneration net to gross and remuneration comparison tools are great visual tools, helpful and useful in todays competitive market."


"I was impressed by the breadth and depth of the preparatory activities. I also valued the interactive nature of the course – the YouTube clips and webinars were engaging and informative, and were a healthy contrast to the worksheets. It is a very handy framework in which to help to prepare in a structured manner."


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